How To Participate - Individuals or Groups

The United Way of Logan County has been working in Lincoln and Logan County since 1961.  Our organization's goal is to help our community work together for the good of all.  If everyone does a little it adds up to a lot!  

The latest census data indicated that 17.4% of Logan County residents live at the poverty level, including 20.1% of children in our county. This doesn't include those that still are at low income levels. Funds are used to help those that may not be able to afford access to some of the programs for children, elderly or families that can help them grow stronger and more self-sufficient. 

There are many ways individuals can get involved in the United Way and the betterment of our community in Logan County. 


If you are employed, ask your employer about a workplace campaign and how you can get involved.  Many employers offer workplace campaigns, which give employees the opportunity to give using payroll deduction.  This makes it simple, and possible to give a little each paycheck which becomes a larger contribution.  Many employers also offer a company match for donations made during a workplace campaign, or other.  Ask your employer about company match opportunities to non-profit organizations that you are interested in, including the United Way of Logan County! 

If your employer does not offer these opportunities, and you would like to contribute to the United Way of Logan County, you can do so in several ways: 

Donate online using this website and clicking on the "Donate" button.  Contributions will come directly to United Way of Logan County and will be used in the community. 

Donate using PayPal using the link below.  The United Way of Logan County is signed up with the PayPal giving fund, which sends 100% of gifts given through that fund to the United Way of Logan County with no fees involved.

Do you shop Amazon?  Be sure to shop through Amazon's Amazon Smiles Page (check out link below). Initially you will be asked to designate a charity from a list of approve chairities.  Be sure to designate your gift to go to the United Way of Logan County.  After this, all .5% of all your purchases processed through this site will be donated to the United Way of Logan County.

Donate by sending a check or money order directly to our office at: 

The United Way of Logan County
P.O. Box 684
120 S. McLean Street
Lincoln IL 62656


If your employer does have a workplace campaign, volunteer to lead or work with the campaign to involve co-workers in giving. 

Volunteer at one of our partner agencies. See the "Our Partner Agencies" Page under the "About Us" tab on the Home Page of this web site for a list of the agencies that we help support.  Use the contact information there to contact them directly, or contact the United Way Of Logan County Office at 217-735-4499 to inquire about opportunites to Volunteer in the community. 


Tell others about the United Way of Logan County and how bringing the community together by LIVING UNITED makes us all stronger.  Know the facts about how the United Way works in Logan County, Illinois, and help spread the word to get others involved! 


2021/2022 Campaign Brochure

Pledge Card for Use With Individual Gift 

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